This blog is a new project, and I’d like to start it with some clarity about why I’m starting it.

I’ve felt a call to read and think about a number of topics in recent years, which has led me to reading and discussions that I’ve really enjoyed. But increasingly I’ve felt a call to try to write about them, to put my thoughts into words as a creative act. I’ve wanted to do this as an internal act, to better process my thoughts and make connections; but also as an external act: I’d like to, some day, give back to the world something I’m proud of and that helps someone along their path. I know this takes a lot of writing, so the blog is an outlet for and a prompt for this writing.

So, why this blog? In short, just to put ideas together and practice writing about them. If you find something useful here, that’s great. Please let me know. I’d love to discuss.